Overtime win gives Chill momentum before Alaskan weekends

The Chill hit the road on Saturday night to take on the Minnesota Magicians. After an early Magician goal, Caleb Schroer (Schmidt-Svejstrup, Sofo), Kevin Dineen (Falconer, Schmidt-Svejstrup), and Justin Kendall (Dineen, Theisen) answered with goals. Two more Magician goals were scored before the end of regulation which sent the game to overtime where Matt Doran (Donovan, Decker) finished the game in style in the first minute. Brad Arvanitis picked up the win with 30 saves on 33 shots over the full course of the game.

The Chill will travel up to Fairbanks this coming weekend for a pair of games against the Ice Dogs as well as next weekend to take on the Kenai River Brown Bears. Coulee Region currently sits in fifth place in the midwest division and could use four potential wins in the coming weekends to solidify a playoff spot this season.