Chill net another split series, pressing to climb into a playoff spot

The Chill traveled up to Alaska for the first time this season for a pair of games in Fairbanks against the Ice Dogs who hold a seven-point lead over the Chill with an extra 5 games played. Friday night’s game didn’t aid in reducing that deficit as a late goal from Jacob Schmidt-Svejstrup (Quagliata, Schroer) wasn’t enough to even the score after goals from Alex Falconer (Quagliata, Martin) and Bailey Martin (Duma, Falconer). Brad Arvanitis was saddled for his first loss in his last four games.

Coulee Region earned their win back the following night in a 6-4 victory for Joe Marcoullier who put up 35 saves on the evening. Goals in the game were put in by Caleb Schroer (2) (Sofo, Donovan) (Theisen, Kendall), Justin Kendall (Theisen, Dineen), Marshal Plunkett (Doran, Schroer), and Jacob Schmidt-Svejstrup with a pair at the end of the game to bring him to six goals in the past six games. With his pair of assists, Kevin Dineen hit 30 assists on the season through 44 of the Chill’s 46 total games.
Kenai River will host the Chill for a second consecutive Alaskan weekend. The Chill hold a 2-0 record in the season series so far and will use the following two games to climb into a playoff position with a month left to go in the season. Wins will be important for the Chill while they are fresh at the start of the home stretch as Coulee Region will have four consecutive three-game weekends.